XXCaregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group (CSG) was formed to provide caregivers with a safe environment to:


Sessions (conducted in English, Mandarin or Malay) are two hours long, including a talk on dementia-related topics given by various specialists, followed by a facilitator-led discussion session among caregivers. You will benefit from these sessions if you are a family caregiver to a loved one with dementia, and are experiencing caregiver stress, seeking information on dementia care, or simply interested in meeting fellow caregivers of people with dementia.

  • Learn about dementia and caregiving, as well as obtain practical tips and information on help resources

  • Share thoughts, feelings, challenges and brainstorm ideas together

  • Encourage other caregivers through real-life caregiving experience

  • Enable participants to obtain some respite from the usual caregiving tasks


Closed Caregiver Support Group session are available to those caring for people living with dementia in Mid-Late Stage. Learn how to best care for your loved ones in mid-late stage dementia, know and understand end-of-life care and the issues that come with it.

At the moment, this CSG is open to caregivers who can speak and comprehend English.


  • Understanding and managing changing behaviours and needs

  • Understanding Palliative Care for dementia in late stage

  • Preparing caregivers to cope with grief and loss of your loved ones

  • Learning how to care for yourself as a caregiver

Other Dementia Support Groups

There are also other support groups being conducted for caregivers caring for their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia. It provides a good avenue for them to share their caring experiences, thoughts, concerns and feelings with other caregivers. You may contact the following hospitals to find out more.