Enjoy these videos that reveal more about our work for those living with dementia, as well as some of our partners. These videos do not belong to us, and are linked from various sources. If you notice any broken links, please let us know.

On 21 September 2019, ADA held the WAM2019 Carnival. It was an exciting day of carnival games, snacks, face-painting, balloon-sculpting and a myriad of edu-tainment booths hosted by ADA and our partners. (Source: ADA, Published 18 Oct 2019)

Mr Peter Lim has been diagnosed with dementia for a decade, but he does not allow this condition to define him. Hear it from Peter and his supportive wife, Quee Eng, and son, Daniel, about the Power of Family. (Source: ADA, Published 14 Oct 2019)

Channel 8’s Frontline programme digs into the issue of Young Onset Dementia. See the perspectives from Maggie, the primary caregiver to her 53-year old husband, who has young onset dementia. (Source: 8world News, Published 5 July 2019)

We’re grateful to Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd for their generous donation of $1 million! Funds will go towards providing financial assistance for over 300 families to attend ADA’s day care centres, to our cognitive and physically stimulating enrichment activities for both person with dementia and caregivers, as well as to the development of assistive technology and new therapies for ADA centres. Proceeds will also support our #DespiteDementia campaign, an awareness campaign aimed at reduce the stigma of dementia and increasing outreach to the public. (Source: ADA, Published 15 Jul 2019)

Two-thronged approach to slow down the progress of dementia (Source: Channel 8, Published 15 Apr 2019)

In March 2019, ADA Introduced the First Virtual Reality Application in Asia that offers Users First-hand Experience on Dementia. EDIE (Educational Dementia Immersive Experience) enables participants to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia. Utilising high quality virtual reality technology, users experience the impact of dementia and learn how to develop a support plan in partnership with the person with dementia and care partner with the goal of enablement. Learn more at (Source: ADA, Published 13 Apr 2019)

According to a local survey on dementia, 70% of people living with dementia feel lonely and excluded. What are the reasons? (Source: 8world News, Published 17 May 2019)

How does virtual reality technology make us more aware of the world of people living with dementia? (Source: 8world News, Published 17 May 2019)

Singing and dancing were the last things on Belinda’s mind when her mother Katherine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease seven years ago. Yet that’s what the duo does regularly now, through Memories Cafe, a programme by Singapore’s Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA). Held weekly in different locations, Memories Cafe, one of several programmes by ADA, sees people with dementia and their caregivers gather for music, movement and lunch, giving them a joyful moment to deepen their bond. (Source: Our Better World, Published 19 Sep 2018)

Every 3 seconds, someone is diagnosed with dementia globally. With this sobering statistic in mind,  ADA organised this conference on 21 and 22 September 2018, to Educate, Enable and Empower, with an urgency to build Inclusive and Accessible Communities. (Source: ADA, Published 29 Oct 2018)

She was the sociable, lively hostess whom friends loved to be around. And then one day, she wasn’t that anymore. Frustrated at losing who she was, she’d have moments of violent temper. Being around her became a draining ordeal. Her son Galen grapples with the challenges of looking after a loved one with dementia, as he documents the changes in her over the years. (Source: CNA Insider, Published 24 Jun 2017)

When renowned filmmaker Jahnu Barua was eight years old, there was a man in his village whom everyone called paagol (mad). Barua and his friends enjoyed spending time with the man, reminding him of names he had forgotten and laughing at his forgetfulness. Only years later did the filmmaker realise that the man may have suffered from dementia or, perhaps, Alzheimer’s. His innocence and interactions with the children stayed with Barua, whose short film That Gusty Morning is an ode to that man. (Source: Large Short Films, Published 21 Dec 2016)

What if the only way to learn more about your own mother and yourself is to become a stranger? Director Koh Chong Wu explores how love is usually the hardest thing to express – more so when you have dementia. A great short that should resonate with caregivers. (Source: Danny Raven Tan, Published 30 Sep 2016)

Singaporean actor Wang Wei Liang (Ah Boys To Men) makes a visit to the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home to listen to stories from the residents. 50cube also speaks to Mr Jason of Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Singapore). (Source: 50cube, Published 18 Aug 2016)

How can caregivers of persons with dementia reduce stress? How can dementia friendly communities help to create a more accommodating society? Channel 8 interviews representatives of Alzheimer’s Disease Association and Hua Mei Dementia Care System. (Source: Channel 8 News, Published 24 May 2016)

50cube co-founder, Elissa, shares her vision and purpose in organising a 50km hike partly in aid of ADA. (Source: 50cube, Published 18 Oct 2015)

Mr Poh Khuat, 76, is sole caregiver to his wife of more than 40 years, Mdm Kang, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Although Mr Poh was himself recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer, he remains single-minded in his desire to personally care for his wife. (Source: AWWA)

Singapore is facing a fast ageing population and with that comes a host of health problems including a rise in dementia cases. But according to the National Neuroscience Institute what’s more worrying is the alarming rate of younger people being diagnosed with the disease. That refers to the onset of dementia before the age of 65. (Source: Channel NewsAsia, Published 20 Apr 2017)

Yishun aims to provide dementia patients with more assistance through the completion of the first Dementia Friendly Community, but how can we help to build a more inclusive society for dementia patients? Channel 8 News speaks to representatives of Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Singapore) and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. (Source: Channel 8 News, Published 27 Jan 2016)

Alzheimer’s Disease Association goes on a Peranakan Tour. The clients and volunteers learn more about the Peranakan culture, history and lifestyle. (Source: Yanxuan Lim (ADA volunteer), Published 9 Sep 2015)

More smiles. More bonding. More memories that last. Join Kelvin as he recreates more memories of his father Philip, who has Alzheimer’s, in the director’s version of our film. (Source: Starhub, Published 26 Jul 2016)

The Memory Walk start with an umbrella mass exercise workout, followed by a walk (about 3km). After the walk, the participants can look forward to other fringe activities like health screening, information on dementia, stage performances as well as participating in carnival games. (Source: Roger Soh, Published 11 Jan 2011)

A documentary produced by YouthsThatCare, which features Heng Hao and how he manages with being the caregiver of his grandfather, who is a patient of dementia. The documentary also explains what dementia is and how other youth caregivers can help out at home. (Source: YouthsThatCare, Published 29 Sep 2010)

EALZ is a shorfilm based of a real life history. It tells the history about Matt, a cellphone who had a normal and rutinary life. But suddenly he has to deal with some changes that affect his functioning. This short film helps people to educate about Alzheimer because Matt is inspired in Victor Pizarro an Alzheimer desease patient. Created by McCann Lima for Entel Peru. (Source: McCann Worldgroup Latam, Published 20 Sep 2017)

Our CEO, Mr Jason Foo, share his heart for the people he has dedicated their lives to help. Watch, listen and be inspired. (Source: 50cube, Published 27 Sep 2016)

When do we start to sit up and notice the signs and symptoms of dementia in our loved ones? From struggling to operate the rice cooker, to getting lost in traffic, this award-winning short film is at once a tear-jerker and a memorable reminder of the importance of dementia awareness. (Source: Health Promotion Board, Published 25 Jun 2009)

There is singing. There is dancing. Dementia may not be a cause for celebration, but Singapore’s Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) has found a way to let those with the disease reclaim some joy for themselves. Held weekly in different locations, Memories Cafe, one of several programmes by ADA, sees people with dementia and their caregivers gather for music, movement and lunch, providing them respite and a chance to socialise in a public space. (Source: Our Better World, Published 19 Sep 2018)

When that strict, strong mother you know falls prey to dementia, and your roles are reversed – how do you cope with the love-hate strain of being her caregiver? This is Danny’s story. (Source: CNA Insider, Published 27 May 2017)

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Facing Dementia

This episode introduces profiles who are having memory issues. They suspect that their minds are not working as well as they should be, and want to find out why. We track them as they undergo tests and scans for dementia. What will they and the doctors uncover? (Source: Channel NewsAia, Published 13 Nov 2016)

Alzheimer’s Disease: What You Need to Know

It’s the most common form of dementia, and it’s starting to manifest itself in those as young as 30. We speak with experts to find out more about early onset Alzheimer’s and what you can do to protect yourself. (Source: Channel NewsAsia)

The Collectors

The Collectors is a poetic documentary that explores the relationship between three individuals affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s and their children, caught in a race to gather as many memories as they can before it is too late. Their stories echo on the stones of the rare places left in Singapore to be imprinted with a past. A parallel is formed between an individual fright of memories loss, and a collective amnesia provoked by a local race to thrive in modernity. (Source: Thaïs Breton, Published 2014)


Three caregivers encounter challenges while taking care of the patients. Mrs Yeo is stressed out from taking care of her husband who has dementia. How would a helpline save her problem? The episode also features two other caregivers with other problems. (Source: Toggle SG)

ADA Feature on Art Therapy with Client, Mrs Lee

Dementia is not the easiest thing to cope with. Nevertheless, this mother and daughter have come thus far in their journey with dementia. So hear their story as they share how early detection has helped them both! (Source: Understanding Dementia Facebook)

ADA Feature on President’s Star Charity with client, Mr Yeo

Mr. and Mrs. Yeo have been married for 42 years. When Mr. Yeo contracted meningitis which lead to Alzheimer’s disease in 2001, it changed their lives and marriage forever. Mr. Yeo no longer remembers all the short term memories shared with his wife and Mrs. Yeo has to care for his every need 24/7. #PSC2016 (Source: Mediacorp Channel 5 Facebook)