Staying protected: COVID-19 vaccination exercise for our clients with dementia at New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok) give caregivers peace of mind


Throughout the raging pandemic, ADA has always been proud to be on the frontlines and continuing to provide care and support for our people living with dementia and caregivers.

In a vaccination exercise at New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok) in March 2021, 44 of our clients with dementia received their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccines. ADA’s CEO, Jason Foo visited the centre, had a rundown of the smooth vaccination process, and spoke to our clients and their caregivers.

The administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, while can be daunting to some, signals a significant step in our fight against COVID-19, and represents a renewed hope for our future in a post-COVID-19 world. Many caregivers, like Tan Keng Hoe, were happy to take the opportunity to get their loved ones with dementia protected through the exercise.

“When I was first told about the vaccination available for my wife at the centre, I immediately gave my consent for her to do it as many people in Singapore are already doing it. It is a good way to protect the community against COVID-19,” shared Keng Hoe.

The smooth vaccination process his wife underwent also encouraged him to register to get himself vaccinated. “I will be getting vaccinated at a Community Centre near our home,” he added.

Tan Keng Hoe (left), caregiver to his wife Chee Fong Keng (right), who is living with dementia. Fong Keng gets her temperature checked before getting her vaccine.

For many of the caregivers who accompanied their loved ones with dementia to get their vaccine, ensuring that the process was not anxiety-inducing was a priority. Karen Seah, who is a caregiver to her mother Kuah Ai Tee, said that she did not want to frighten her with too many details about the vaccination exercise. Instead, she maintained a cheerful disposition, chatting with her mother throughout the process, to set her at ease.

Karen Seah (right), caregiver to her mother Kuah Ai Tee (left) who is living with dementia. Both are all smiles as they wait for Ai Tee to receive her vaccine.

Preparing for the vaccination exercise also entailed checking if her mother was able to receive the vaccination. “I was a little bit concerned because of my mum’s age and the medicine that she takes, so I had to first check whether it was alright for her to go ahead with the jab. Once I was told that she could go ahead, there were no other issues bringing her to receive her vaccine,” Karen added.

ADA’s CEO Jason Foo (left), Ooi Gaik Choo (middle), caregiver to Yeo Ah Guan (right) who is living with dementia.

For several clients living with dementia, the vaccination exercise also presented a great opportunity to catch-up with old friends. Yeo Ah Guan who is living with dementia said, “Everybody knows me here, so I am happy to be here to get my vaccination in a familiar environment.” “It is very comfortable,” he adds with a chuckle.

The smooth administration of the vaccine would not have been possible without our staff at the NHCs who work tirelessly to serve the dementia community safely and healthily. We look forward to getting more of our clients with dementia vaccinated in the coming weeks!

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