COVID-19: Keeping Your Home Safer for Persons with Dementia


Keeping your home environment clean and safe for your loved ones with dementia is important enough in normal times, but is especially essential as we fight the spread of COVID-19.

To keep your home clean and safe for persons with dementia as we deal with the additional threat of COVID-19, it’s necessary to take a few extra steps as you go about the day. Here are some tips that we’ve compiled on how to maintain good levels of hygiene in the home environment.

As tempting as it is to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning all day, given that you’re stuck indoors, it is important to ensure that there is proper air circulation in the home. Research so far has suggested that opening the windows to improve air circulation can help to prevent transmission of the virus.

It’s also strongly advised that you clean commonly used surfaces with a clean cloth and household cleaning spray or disinfectant regularly, in order to reduce any chance of transmission. Even if you feel that you are at low risk of COVID-19, it’s important to understand that taking every precaution is necessary; this is one situation you don’t want to be too lax in handling.

Should anyone in your household be feeling unwell, make arrangements to ensure that your loved one does not come into contact with the sick person or what they have been using. This includes the toilet; if at all possible, you should make it so that your loved one is not using the same toilet as your family member who is unwell. If this is not possible, make sure to clean the toilet with disinfectant every time that family member uses the toilet.

Another recommendation is that you avoid sharing utensils during mealtimes. Use a serving spoon during mealtimes for any common dishes, and ensure that everyone is washing their hands before taking their place at the table. Remember, the goal is to keep everyone’s chances of getting infected to the minimum, and this means taking precautions even within your own home.



For more information, write to or call the Dementia Helpline at 6377 0700, Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm).

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