5 Essential Books On Alzheimer’s


An Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis can be frightening and initially overwhelming. The first step toward taking control of your life is to learn and understand the disease as much as you can. Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, the best resources you can get your hands on are books.

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Walk Your Brain


A pill that cures dementia doesn’t exist yet, but there’s something available right now that can protect the mind: exercise. It’s a well-established fact that physical exercise is the cornerstone of healthy living. Not only does it contribute to general fitness, it helps muscle control and coordination, and improves overall well-being.

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5 New Year Resolutions For Caregivers


For many of us, a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. But for a caregiver who bears the noble yet heavy responsibility of looking after a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, the start of a new year brings about an opportunity to alleviate feelings of burnout and set goals to achieve a much-needed balance in life.

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Ways You can Reduce Your Risk of Dementia


As much as researchers have made inroads into finding new treatments that alter the course of dementia and improve the quality of life for people with the condition, searching for a cure has proved elusive. Alzheimer’s Disease is gaining a more prominent presence among causes of disability and death.

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Dealing with the 7 Deadly Emotions of Caregiving


November is National Caregivers Month in the United States, and caregivers deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged for their ceaseless care for those in need. Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the frontline of their respective medical spheres, and nobody can truly understand the challenges of caregiving more than a fellow caregiver.

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Dealing with Dementia: the First Step


With a new case of dementia diagnosed every four seconds, we can never be absolutely sure if the behaviour our loved ones exhibit is, in fact, the symptoms of the condition. Is grandpa forgetting where he left the television remote control for the umpteenth time a cause for concern?

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4 Treatable Conditions that can be Mistaken for Dementia


As the adage goes, we are not to judge a book by its cover. Likewise, not all symptoms of dementia point to the onset of the disease. It is easy to panic and fear the worst the moment you lose your way or misplace your coffee mug, but rather than indicating that you are entering the early stages of dementia, self-perceived cognitive problems may also possibly stem from other conditions that slipped under the radar.

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Art Attack!


Creative expression has always been a key pillar of human development and achievement. Our ability to create through art is a sign of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, allowing us to reach heights and satisfaction that would otherwise be difficult to attain.

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First Come, First Safe: The Importance Of Early Diagnosis


Punctuality is a virtue, but when it comes to the diagnoses of illnesses and diseases like dementia, being prompt is not only highly recommended, it can even be crucial to your health and well-being. Dementia is no different.


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