3 Myths about Young Onset Dementia Debunked


One of the chief reasons why stigma is rife when it comes to dementia (or any medical condition in general) is misinformation and misconception. Young onset dementia is even more misunderstood than its bigger umbrella term, resulting in many inaccurate notions about the condition which can affect the individual’s level of care.

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How A Dementia Journal Makes Caregiving Easier


Consistently taking notes on dementia symptoms can help you feel more in control of your caregiving journey, and can also help you better understand your loved one’s needs.

Taking time to accurately write down notes on your loved one’s behaviours and schedule—even small details that might seem unnecessary—can seem like a waste, but making a habit of taking things down for a dementia journal can pay off by making it easier to know how to deal with challenging behaviours and health emergencies.… Read the rest

Adapting For The Future


As 2020 draws to a close, ADA prepares for dementia care in the ‘New Normal’ with three new programmes.

As we bid farewell to 2020 and look to the future, delivering dementia care will involve much more creativity and adaptability when it comes to looking at tapping on a new mix of virtual and in-person platforms.… Read the rest

Adapting Daily Activities For Loved Ones With Dementia


Enabling persons with dementia to carry out activities successfully can help bolster their confidence, and empower them to feel better able to maintain a level of independence.

While persons with dementia will need different amounts of help at different stages of dementia, it’s possible to adapt activities to help your loved one perform them independently.… Read the rest

How To Respond To Common Dementia Accusations


A person with dementia may sometimes make accusations against people around them, including their family, friends, and caregivers. This can be very challenging to deal with, and it is important to understand that the person with dementia isn’t making this accusations on purpose to hurt you.

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The Use Of Lego Therapy For Dementia


One of the activities for World Alzheimer’s Month 2020 was a large mural project made entirely of LEGO pieces! ADA Build with Us 2020 used actual building blocks to celebrate every person with dementia who makes up our wider community; but did you know that LEGO is also a great form of therapy that you can enjoy with your loved one?

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