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Despite Dementia, it’s not the end. People living with dementia face challenges that most of us won’t, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live well. There are many ways they can live life to the full and thrive in spite of their challenges. All it takes is some support from those around them. Every small act of kindness and even supportive words and actions adds up in building a dementia-friendly society.


The #DespiteDementia campaign is all about changing perceptions and fighting dementia stigma. It’s about removing the labels people place on those with dementia – dispelling the notion that their condition should define them – and seeing the person underneath who yearns to live their life with dignity and pride just like any of us.

To tackle dementia stigma and work towards ADA’s goal towards a more dementia inclusive society, #DespiteDementia aims to increase knowledge levels about dementia in Singapore by increasing education and exposure in the community. The campaign also seeks to urge people to focus on what those living with dementia can still do despite living with the condition, rather than what they cannot.


It might take an entire village or a society to combat dementia stigma, but it all starts with you. Find out more here.



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