Have You #Given Yet?



As society continues to evolve, we must remain open to new ideas to keep pace with shifting trends in demographics, economics and technology.


We have recently agreed to collaborate on an interesting new initiative by The GIVEN Company, a proudly Singaporean social enterprise which aims to make charity fundraising more efficient, effective and sustainable by employing alternative technology-based solutions.

The GIVEN Company have launched their new online fundraising platform, along with their inaugural “T-shirts for Good” campaign, which comes with an exciting lucky draw! The proposition is familiar yet innovative; simple yet compelling. For just $20, you can buy a limited-edition T-shirt with a short yet powerful message. Each purchase also qualifies you for a chance to win a brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Coupé and other consolation prizes worth over $180,000 in total.

Give it a go! You could help our mission, and maybe even drive off in a flashy new Merc!



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