Family of Wisdom (FOW) Programme

Family of Wisdom (FOW) is a care model in Singapore which Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) is piloting – a programme modelled after the FOW programme in Taiwan, that seeks to provide a continuum of community care for Persons with Dementia (PwD) through the participation of caregivers in shared caregiving yet allowing caregivers to have respite time for themselves. It can be viewed as an extension of ADA’s New Horizon Centres and Caregiver Support Centre eldersit programmes.


It complements a full day dementia day care programme with shorter hours but provide longer hours than ADA’s Eldersit programme.

It also seeks to provide another service programme for PwDs and their caregivers who have completed sessional therapy outpatient programmes in restructured hospitals and have been discharged for community care.

Activities include maintenance programmes (such as physical group exercise), and social-recreational programmes, which includes fine-motor skills activities (such as painting, calligraphy, craft, cookery, sewing, outings, etc), and cognitive function activities (such as games promoting memory, geometry, arithmetics, sensory and visual-spatial abilities). PwDs may also be involved in festival celebrations and outings.

Objectives of the FOW programme:

  • Promote mutual self-help amongst caregivers

  • Reduce the waiting list to dementia day care centres

  • Promote volunteerism through shared caregiving

  • Empower caregivers by equipping them with skills and knowledge to cope better in caregiving

  • Provide respite and emotional support for caregivers and PwDs

  • Improve the well-being of the PwDs

The programme will be run jointly by paid care staff, caregivers and volunteers; whereby a group of PwDs and their caregivers, would gather together during the week to interact and be engaged in a combination of cognitive stimulating activities, physical maintenance activities and individualised activities. The caregivers will take turns to assist staff in conducting the activities with PwDs, while the other caregivers will have respite time with other caregivers such as sharing their experiences in caregiving through informal support groups or engaged in social recreational activities.


Who should Attend

Family caregivers and their loved ones with early to moderate stage dementia.


Admission Criteria

  • Has an accompanied caregiver
  • Diagnosis of dementia by a medical doctor (persons diagnosed with MCI will NOT be admitted)
  • Medical condition must be stable and non-infectious
  • Clients with unmanageable disruptive behaviours may not be admitted


Note: Our programme provides services to clients regardless of their race, language or religion, unless there are special requirements that cannot be provided by ADA.


Service Fee

The service fee for each client ranges from between $50 and $75 per session for Singaporean and PRs, and between $75 and $100 per session for non-residents, depending on the stage of dementia the person with dementia is being diagnosed. Refreshments included.

Group Size Singaporean/PR Non-Residents
Mild Dementia 12 Clients
12 Caregivers
$50 $75
Moderate Dementia 7-9 Clients
7-9 Caregivers
$60 $85
Moderate-to-severe Dementia 3-4 Clients
3-4 Caregivers
$75 $100

In addition, full-day sessions for persons with mild dementia (and who are ADL independent), are now available at FOW Toa Payoh, at $90 per session for Singaporeans/PRs, inclusive of lunch ($140 for non-residents).

Potential clients are admitted from referrals received. Upon acceptance to the programme, a $100 deposit is required. This amount will be refunded when the service is terminated if no dues are owing. The programme fees are charged based on attendance. Payment can be made by cash or by cheque, payable to “Alzheimer’s Disease Association”. The Centre will not refund the fees if the client is absent from sessions, unless the client produces a medical certificate or doctor’s appointment card to justify the absence.





  • 72 Bendemeer Road, #05-29 Luzerne Building, Singapore 339941
  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
  • Person-in-charge: Ms Eunice Tan, Manager (Special Projects)
  • Email:
  • Tel: 6291 6268
  • Fax: 6291 6260


Tiong Bahru

  • 298 Tiong Bahru Road, #10-05 Central Plaza, Singapore 168730
  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Person-in-charge: Ms Chong Ying Ying, Manager (Family of Wisdom – Tiong Bahru)
  • Email:
  • Tel: 6593 6440 / 6593 6442
  • Fax: 6273 0996


Toa Payoh

  • 7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #03-06 Agape Village, Singapore 319264
  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Person-in-charge: Ms Chong Ying Ying, Manager (Family of Wisdom – Toa Payoh)
  • Email:
  • Tel: 6801 7483
  • Fax: 6273 0996



Download the Referral Form for our FOW programme here.