despite dementia,
it’s not the end.

People living with dementia face challenges unlike most of us, but with the support of those around them, they have the ability to thrive. It takes a village, a society to combat dementia stigma, and it begins with you.

Together, we can change perceptions, remove the labels, and make our community a dementia-friendly one. Happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives are possible #despitedementia.

“I live my life with dignity and pride, despite dementia.”

Peter Lim has been diagnosed with dementia for a decade, but he does not allow this condition to define him. Hear it from him and his supportive wife, Quee Eng, and son, Daniel, as they present the Power of Family.

We are so proud to have Peter and his family step up to speak about dementia. This video was made possible through the support of Musim Mas. Look forward to more videos in the months to come.

“People need to know that you can have dementia at any age and a diagnosis does not mean your life stops. Although I feel different from how I used to be, I’m still me.”

– Tracey Lane, person living with dementia

When dementia strikes, it turns one’s world upside down. The struggle is real, but with the support of those around them, people living with dementia can better take on the challenges, and continue living #despitedementia.

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From persons living with dementia, to caregivers and volunteers listen to what they have to say about living despite dementia.

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About #DespiteDementia

#DespiteDementia is an awareness campaign by ADA that aims to tackle the stigma faced by persons living with dementia and caregivers. Based on findings from the first national survey on dementia in Singapore (dubbed: Remember.For.Me) by Singapore Management University and ADA in April 2019, it highlights a need to continue increasing awareness on dementia and combat the stigma that surrounds it. #DespiteDementia reminds all of us to love and learn about persons with dementia and encourage them to live life to the fullest despite living with the condition.