Implementing Care the Person-centred Way

Many of us acknowledge that we lack the skills and knowledge to care well for persons with dementia. It is by recognising that persons with dementia are “fully human and alive” that we learn to connect or re-connect with them. Forming meaningful and enduring relationships is the key to delivering quality care. Person-centred care will change the way you look at dementia and provide you with the motivation and know-how to improve the lives of persons with dementia.

Implementing Care the Person-centred Way

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to use an easy toolkit that reviews the organisation across key areas such as the philoso-phy of care, people, physical place, programmes and services;

  • Identify and prioritise small-scale changes that can address gaps found in the provision of per-son-centred care;

  • Design and implementation plan for the small-scale (low or no cost) changes that are prioritised.


  • Healthy social psychology: the effects of sensory difficulties, interpersonal and environmental factors;

  • Evaluate your care environment using an easy toolkit;

  • Introduce small scale changes (no or low cost options shown in the tool kit);

  • Identity and prioritise care practices and processes that can be implemented;

  • Develop an action plan

Target Audience This course is intended for supervisory and management staff in hospitals, intermediate and long-term care facilities, with a role in influencing systems, processes, treatment plans and culture that promote quality care within their care unit and at the organisational level.
Dates 15 Nov 2018 (Thursday)
Time 9am-5.30pm
Venue Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (Training Room 2)


$390.00 per pax (without 7% GST)

Our trainers

Ms Virginia Moore is a Registered Therapist in Australia. For the last 30 years, Virginia has worked in Senior Management positions within acute, rehabilitation, community and residential aged care sectors of the Australian healthcare system. She now works as an Independent Consultant within the aged care service sector.

Ms Carol Fusek serves as the lead trainer for Dementia Care Mapping and provides support for the development and delivery of PCC-focused training. She is certified by Bradford University, UK, in the Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) Method. Since 2004 she has earned an advanced mapping certification and Evaluator Status and in 2013 as a DCM trainer.

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